Cliff Gordon

Musician | Composer/Arranger | Lyricist

Resume/CV Autumn 2018



Cliff has an elaborate repertoire of jazz music and compositions that are inspired by influential composers, including the likes of Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, Wayne Shorter, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Miles Davis, George Benson; and even by earlier composers such as Claude Debussy, Pytor Tchaikovsky, Franz Liszt, Joseph Haydn, Johannes Brahms.

The songs you hear on his music page were all written, performed, produced and edited by Cliff; except the arrangement of Beatrice, which was written by Sam Rivers.


In summary, Cliff Gordon has an extensive knowledge and experience of music. If you'd like to book him to perform, (solo or small ensemble), produce and advise constructive assistance your own work, or provide private instruction, you may reach him using the contact information below.


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Soundcloud: WyGo